We make documents such as the manual for financial institutions and specifications on eBill and direct debit implementation available to a limited number of users (banks and direct interest groups) on a Member Section. If you would like access to this website, please send a request using the form below.

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In order for SIX to provide an individual access/login to the user for the service, SIX requires identifying data from the user indicated in the mandatory fields of the registration. Such data may include the first/last name, the user name chosen by the user, certificates, e-mail address, phone number(s), address or place of residence, type, name and/or client identification number of employer (collectively referred to as “Personal Data”). In addition, SIX may process the data of registration and cancellation. Without obtaining the Personal Data from the user, SIX is not in a position to create a personal login for the user and may therefore not grant access to the service.

The user agrees that SIX processes all Personal Data as obtained from the user in the course of the registration, the use of the service or as a result of the cancellation. The user also agrees that SIX evaluates e.g. the kind and frequency of the use of the service for optimization purposes. SIX will process Personal Data for a maximum of 10 years as of the cancellation of the service by the user or the discontinuance of the service by SIX.

In the context of the present service, the following unit within SIX is responsible for the processing of Personal Data:

eBill & Direct Debit (LSV) Support
Hardturmstrasse 201
CH-8021 Zurich

Any questions relating to data protection can also be directed to the Data Protection Officer of SIX:

SIX Group Ltd
Hardturmstrasse 201
CH-8005 Zurich

Additional information regarding data protection at SIX can be found in the SIX Privacy Statement.