Transaction Processing: Secure, Accessible, Flexible

Transaction Processing: Secure, Accessible, Flexible

The Basis for Cash Supply and Additional Revenue for Banks

ATM Operations and Additional Services

SIX operates its customers’ ATMs reliably and securely. No matter where your ATM is located and which card your customers use, SIX will take care of implementation. When it comes to ATM processing, we provide a continuously monitored connection to all current card schemes, which means our processing network reaches all issuing banks. All transactions are completed in accordance with international standards, including the exchange of data between card issuer and acquirer for clearing and settlement. We create more value and additional revenue for banks with supplementary services such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), PIN changes and the ability to retrieve account information. Our enhancements create new opportunities for ATM use, with innovative solutions such as cardless cash withdrawal or using QR codes to make deposits and withdrawals.

Webinar "Cardless ATM Transactions: QR Code and NFC" (German)

How You Will Benefit

Security and Added Value for Banks

With its secure settlement, SIX offers maximum reliability for ATM cash withdrawals and deposits, relieving and simplifying processes in branches. 10% of withdrawals are made using foreign cards. SIX also generates additional revenue for participating banks by using Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). In addition, securely processing account balance enquiries and PIN changes at ATMs ensures a comprehensive service and high levels of satisfaction among those who use ATMs – the banks’ customers.

About This Service

SIX offers banks that participate in SIC (Swiss Interbank Clearing) and euroSIC (euro Swiss Interbank Clearing) the opportunity to settle ATM transactions with and without cash flows. By using the supplementary value-added services SIX offers, banks benefit from additional revenue and can offer new ATM services. The QR code provides a link to mobile and online banking. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) generates even more income.

Prerequisites for Participating in the ATM System

To take advantage of transaction settlement, participants must have a sight deposit account at the Swiss National Bank as well as an IID (Institutional Identification) for settling payments in CHF via SIC and in EUR via euroSIC.

QR Code Cash Withdrawals

The innovative way to withdraw and deposit cash without a card – the QR code expands the functionality available at the ATM and offers new possibilities for banks and their customers:

  • Substitution of one-off payment cards and deposit cards
  • Purchases via the mobile banking app can be prepared in advance
  • Send QR code to third parties who can withdraw an owed, borrowed or given amount from the ATM (e.g. between friends or parent to child)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at ATMs

Banks use Dynamic Currency Conversion to exploit the significant potential of withdrawals with foreign cards.