Fund Data Services

Fund Data Services

Invest with Confidence

Build Successful Strategies from a Single Source of Fund Data

Investment professionals depend on comprehensive, quality data they can trust.

At SIX, we combine our highest-quality reference data with third-party fund data and add the content needed for regulatory compliance. And we add a premium flag to indicate that the fund data is complete and timely.

Why do we do it? For one simple reason: so you can rely on a single source to make confident investment decisions.

How You Will Benefit

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

High-quality, up-to-date and complete fund data from a premium source supports our customers in the advisory process and accelerates the efficiency of the value chain.

Natasa Gligoric, Head Tax, Regulation & Funds, SIX

Reducing Costs and Complexity

Our premium fund data universe covers all core European markets and offers unparalleled granularity that not only results in best-possible valuations, but greatly reduces the costs and complexities of data management.

We take data from regulators and fund providers and process it to identify incomplete or stale data before assigning a premium flag to all instruments that have been certified as complete and up to date. The result? You find it much easier to adhere to portfolio investment policies and regulations.

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About This Service

Fund data from SIX is a single, reliable source to guarantee confidence in all your investment decisions. Learn more about our offering in this section.

Fund Full Holdings & Look-Through

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Premium Fund Data: Overview

High-quality reference data combined with third-party fund data and additional key content needed for regulatory compliance give you the most comprehensive and complete fund information.

Features of Premium Fund Data

  • Premium flag certifies comprehensive and timely fund data with additional tax and regulatory content
  • Comprehensive fund insights on core European markets 
  • Detailed fund classification scheme covering mutual funds and ETFs
  • Regulatory enriched fund content to satisfy cross-border and investor suitability compliance requirements
  • Quality assurance with disciplined processes and monitoring tools