SIX Tax on Instrument

SIX Tax on Instrument

Powering Tax Suitability Workflows in Wealth Advisory

Overcoming Tax and Regulatory Challenges

Wealth Advisors must support international investors in meeting their cross-border tax reporting obligations, whilst at the same time, look for opportunities to offer premium advice leveraging tax-intelligent information that allows for modelling of product and portfolio after-tax performance.

The Tax on Instrument Service from SIX helps Client Advisors and Portfolio Managers achieve superior after-tax returns by providing insights about tax implications and costs, while allowing them to optimize their clients’ investment portfolios.

How You Will Benefit

Get Access to a Wealth of Enriched Tax Data

The Tax on Instrument service from SIX provides you with tax classifications on individual securities and gives you access to 60 data fields per tax regime covering financial products such as Equities, Bonds, Funds and Structured Products with attributes on Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Capital Gains & Losses Tax, and generic tax details, in order to advise your clients effectively in after-tax performance of securities.

Get tax suitability data that can directly be leveraged in your Client Advisory and Investment Control workflows, so you can achieve successful tax suitability and tax optimization operations with detailed country-specific tax datapoints.

Choose SIX and gain access to unrivalled data quality and granularity for your pre- and post-investment analysis.

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

The depth and quality of Reference and Corporate Actions data from SIX guarantees accuracy and comprehensiveness on product level tax categorizations use in all Wealth Advisory product and portfolio suitability workflows.

Jürg Stalder, Senior Product Manager, SIX

Tax Suitability in the Advisory Process

Do you have the right data on the taxation of financial products to improve the services you offer to Wealth Management clients? Find out how SIX can help you use tax data to your advantage and improve your processes.

About This Service

The Tax on Instrument service from SIX provides users with a tax classification on an individual security level and allows them to analyse the tax consequences of financial products, to anticipate the tax-related costs of an investment on that security and to find better investment options.

SIX Tax on Instrument: Service Overview

Get access to up to 60 country-specific tax data fields covering all standard asset classes and advise your clients effectively in after-tax performance with our enriched tax data service.

Leverage Tax Data in Wealth Advisory

  • Research: Macro Research, Fundamental Research
  • Asset Management: Product Suitability, Product Strategy, Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation and Timing
  • CRM: Wealth Planning, Client Profiling, Appropriateness, Suitability, Investment Proposal, Market & liability simulations
  • Monitoring/ Reporting: Compatibility checks and risk analysis, Potential analysis, Customer Reporting

Tax Suitability and Portfolio After-Tax Use Cases

  • Search for individual instruments to perform related pre- or post-trade checks and identify harmful instruments
  • Review financial instruments that are suggested in investment proposals created in the Portfolio Management system
  • Automated functionality to identify suitable alternatives
  • Perform reviews on whether existing holdings are still suitable for a respective client context
  • For Advisory and Asset Management mandates, check whether selected financial instruments are eligible for a client domicile

Up to new 60 tax data attributes per country

  • Each financial instrument has a country- and asset-specific tax categorization code
  • A Tax on Instrument country can have multiple tax regimes relevant for the taxation of individual investors
  • Main attributes groupings are Income Tax (applicable rates and legal text), Capital Gains and Losses (incl. information on deductible fees, netting gains/losses), Wealth Tax related attributes
  • A country-specific (Tax) Harmful Products indicator is generated in addition to the SIX-generated tax cost indicator (Tax Score) as Generic Tax Detail

Rely on Award-winning Service from SIX

Our SIX Tax on Instrument service has been recognized by the industry for innovation and excellence:

  • Best Sell-Side Newcomer at the Sell-Side Technology Awards 2022