Data Trends in Asia

Data Trends in Asia

Interview Series

Garett Lim, Head Partners, Asia at SIX, recently sat down with four colleagues to discuss the latest data trends.

Let's talk about Fixed Income

We are kicking off this series with Bijoy Lorenzo Kar, CFA, Senior Fixed Income Content Manager at SIX, our expert for Evaluated Pricing and Yield Curves, who talks about fixed income investing and inflation in Japan, amongst other topics.

Let's talk about Sanctions

In the second video, Oliver Bodmer, Senior Product Manager at SIX, talks about sanction programmes in Asia and explains what investors can do to mitigate risks of tainted securities.

Let's talk about Structured Products

In our third video, Christos Tsolakis, CFA, Senior Content Manager at SIX, explains:

  • the development of the structured products market.
  • how Wealth Managers in Asia can decrease manual administrative overload and improve operational efficiencies.
  • how SIX can help them by becoming the hub between Wealth Managers and Issuers.

Let's talk about Suitability

In our fourth video, Kathelijne Marritt Alers, Senior Product Manager at SIX, explains:

  • what product suitability means. 
  • why it is important to include the tax aspect in the investment process. 
  • how financial intermediaries have to comply with Investor Protection regulatory requirements in Hong Kong.

Let's talk about Corporate Actions

In our fifth video, Yogita Mehta, Product Director at SIX, talks about:

  • What drives corporate actions
  • Whether automation is key in 2024
  • Having multiple sources vs. one single source
  • The importance for timely and accurate information
  • How SIX processes corporate actions data for their customers

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