“We Can Achieve a Great Deal, but When It Comes to Sustainability, Everyone Has to Pitch In.”

“We Can Achieve a Great Deal, but When It Comes to Sustainability, Everyone Has to Pitch In.”

As a key player in the financial markets, SIX promotes the sustainable and responsible development of the financial markets. Read on to discover how Fabienne Strobel, Head Sustainability at SIX wants to take sustainability within the company to the next level.

We all have to contribute to combat climate change. Fabienne, what does sustainability mean for you?

Fabienne Strobel In my free time, I prioritize sustainability issues and try to attune my children to the topic as much as possible. But I do have my guilty pleasures, just like most people.

What is SIX doing to combat climate change?

About a year ago, SIX made a commitment to continuous CO2 reduction, and to reaching a CO2 footprint of net zero by 2050. To underscore this commitment, we joined the Science Based Targets initiative: By the summer of 2024 we are obliged to establish annual objectives for the next five to ten years that demonstrate how we will continuously reduce our CO2 footprint. We will soon have to offset unavoidable emissions, for example through certified projects. We have already successfully reduced our CO2 footprint in our office buildings and data centers. In addition, we are members of the Zurich Energy Model, and have committed to improving our energy efficiency by at least 1.5% annually. This year, we’ve begun measuring our progress and also reporting it to Group management.

About a year ago, SIX made a commitment to continuous CO2 reduction, and to reaching a CO2 footprint of net zero by 2050.

What else is SIX doing in order meet its sustainability responsibilities?

Sustainability is a broad topic. SIX prefers to focus on those areas in which it has a direct influence, and where it can make the biggest difference. We create the framework conditions for investing in a wide range of sustainable products, including ETFs, Green Bonds, as well as structured products. As a provider of ESG data and ESG indices, we assist our customers in reaching their sustainability goals. In promoting financial knowledge, SIX contributes to society by enabling people to make informed decisions. The Swiss Finance Museum in Zurich, the Instituto BME in Madrid, and the engagement from SIX during World Investor Week are examples of this. In addition, we involve our worldwide staff in our sustainability strategy: To that end, we’ve developed an internal platform to provide information on sustainability topics and to encourage participation.

You’ve been sitting on a bucking bull for a few seconds. How are you feeling?

A bull like this – even if it’s not a real one in this case – is definitely not what you’re going to find in the petting zoo, but something quite spirited, that knows what it wants. I like that.

When you’re sitting on this bull again ten years from now, what will we be talking about?

How natural it is to act sustainably – as a company, and also as a private individual.

Does the current sustainability strategy at SIX carry any risks?

Like many companies that are currently engaged in implementing their sustainability strategy, we have to always be watchful that we don’t do or say anything that could be interpreted as greenwashing. Greenwashing accusations are sharply on the rise and constitute a danger to a company’s reputation.

Let’s look toward the future once more: What’s your most important goal for 2024?

I hope that next year we will have established the foundation for a solid approach to sustainability at SIX, one that is geared toward continuous progress, and that we can already record initial progress for our focus topics. Additionally, there are other sustainability topics that we need to address next year. Our sustainability strategy is a collaborative effort from SIX: We can achieve a great deal, but when it comes to sustainability, everyone has to pitch in.

To round things off: Complete the phrase with something short and snappy.


I feel happy when…

… I can get the ball rolling and move things forward.

I’m particularly good at…

… motivating myself and hopefully inspiring others too.

I don’t like…

… beating around the bush, especially when straight talk can be more effective.

I would like to learn how to…

… be more patient, with myself and others.