Inspired by Johan Cruyff: The Way to Play

Inspired by Johan Cruyff: The Way to Play

SIX CEO Jos Dijsselhof explains in our podcast how the Dutch soccer legend Johan Cruyff inspired him and what it takes for a company to “score” in a growing market.

Aspects of the way Johan Cruyff played and coached are still visible today on many club and national soccer teams. He was a technically gifted player who did things with his feet that nobody else could. But what really set him apart was his understanding of teamwork and his leadership skills.

His abilities found expression in his conceptualization of “total football”, a system under which any outfield player can adopt the role of any other player. Under this philosophy, defenders, for example, also take over as attackers. SIX CEO Jos Dijsselhof has internalized this type of culture in which collaboration is more important than individual talent.  In the latest episode of our podcast he explains what this means for the growth of SIX.

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