SIX Participates in Powercoders Program

SIX Participates in Powercoders Program

The non-profit organization Powercoders arranges IT internships for migrants at renowned companies. On Tuesday, job providers and job seekers met for "speed dating" at the SIX Convention Point in Zurich. SIX also offered open positions.

Abdul Nwaz Bugti, 27, is from Pakistan and only attended school up to the 5th grade. He came to Switzerland without education, as a refugee, with his wife and child. Six hours roundtrip a day he commuted to his internship at the Swiss technology company Bühler, which was arranged with the help of Powercoders, the autodidact says. He wanted to take this opportunity - absolutely! A three-month boot camp organized by Powercoders had prepared him in the best possible way. After a promotion and a job change, Abdul now works successfully as a junior developer at Squirro.

To those who want to follow a similar path and have therefore gathered in the SIX Convention Point this Tuesday Abdul wishes “the best of luck”. The men and women come from all over the world and have different stories and professional backgrounds – unlike Abdul, many of them already worked in IT.  Half of the Powercoders boot camp lies behind them. Today they introduce themselves to the potential employers.

Enabling migrants to lead a self-determined life and at the same time counteracting the lack of young professionals in IT - that is the vision of the non-profit organization Powercoders. Win-win, for job seekers and companies alike. Together with banks, insurances as well as industrial and software companies of all sizes, SIX is now a job provider in the Powercoders program.

“We are continuously looking for skilled and passionate IT-talents that help us develop financial infrastructure for a digital future”, says Pia Meinzer, Head Talent Acquisition at SIX, who initiated the engagement. “Our culture is open-minded, inclusive and collaborative and as a company, we take on social responsibility. Therefore, we are very convinced about our participation in the Powercoders program.”

After a successful Career Day SIX hopes to welcome the first talents soon.

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