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SIX Interbank Clearing is responsible for the management of interbank issues in various financial center committees.

SIX Interbank Clearing processes payments between financial institutions, issues operative rules for the payment traffic of the Swiss financial center and represents it for the issuing of national and international payment transaction standards as well as for the development, processing and operation of payments, means of payment and systems.


The SPC constitutes a national sounding board for international topics pertaining to payment traffic.


PaCoS makes proposals for the further development of the regulations, coordinates these in consultations with the users and submits proposals to the Board of Directors of SIX Interbank Clearing. In doing so, it relies on specialist working groups to deal with specific issues.


The Legal Support Group of SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd (LSG SIC) is a standing committee comprising users of the SIC system, which provides the Board of Directors of SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd and its committees with advice and support on legal matters.


PAP is active in the area of project and process management. It ensures that the payment systems are further developed according to the financial institutions' requirements and supports SIX Interbank Clearing's implementation of the joint ventures' strategy of the Swiss financial center.


RAR is an administrative and editorial committee reporting to PAP. It is in charge of creating, editing and updating the documentation needed for the payment systems. In particular, it supports SIX Interbank Clearing during the production of handbooks, contracts, instructions and circulars to the financial institutions.


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