SIX is committed to ensuring compliance of its relevant benchmarks for continued use internationally by our customers and financial service entities.

SIX is compliant with the International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) "Principles for Financial Benchmarks".

SIX Index AG received the clearance (“endorsement”) for its major Swiss indices under the EU Benchmark Regulation (BMR) and has been confirmed as Benchmark Administrator by the Swedish financial supervision authority (Finansinspektionen). The “endorsement” has been carried out by SIX Financial Information Nordic AB in Stockholm, which is also a Benchmark Administrator under BMR. In the meantime, further benchmarks have been cleared. A complete list of the endorsed benchmarks can be found in table "SIX indices endorsed under EU Benchmark Regulation" below.

For any existing or new index as soon as clients would like to use them in the EU, SIX will initiate an endorsement as benchmark under the EU BMR.


  • Procedures for Cessation of a Benchmark

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  • Governance Overview Swiss Index

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  • Letter of Compliance

    Letter of Compliance with the IOSCO Principles for Financial Benchmarks

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  • Conflict of Interest Register – SIX Swiss Index

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  • Swiss Index Complaints Handling Procedure

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Based on ESMA Guidelines (point 57), index compositions and weightings of relevant indices are displayed here.

Benchmark Statement

Methodology Rulebooks for Endorsed Crypto Indices

Advisory Board

The Equity Index Commission, Bond Index Commission and Swiss Reference Rates Index Commission advise the Management Committee of SIX in all matters related to the indices. Where necessary, the submit proposals regarding changes in index regulations, treatment of capital events and adjustments outside the established review and acceptance period. The Index Commissions meet at least once per year. They provide valuable advice on how to improve existing products and on the design of new products.

When Members of the Equity Index Commission, the Bond Index Commission or the Swiss Reference Rates Index Commission are selected, care is taken to ensure that they represent a variety of viewpoints.

  • Dr. Christian Bahr (Chairman)
    Head Index Services, SIX, Zurich
  • Volker Hofmann (Vice Chairman)
    Senior Product Manager Indices, SIX, Zurich
  • Marco Bagutti
    CIO, Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution, Zurich
  • Christoph Bianchet
    Head of Finance Department, SUVA, Luzern
  • José Antonio Blanco
    Head Investment Management, Third Party Asset Management, Swisslife Asset Management, Zurich
  • Omar Brem
    Head Research, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich
  • Vera Güttinger
    Head Issuer Relations, SIX
  • Markus Pfister
    Chief Operating Officer, Vontobel Holding AG, Zürich
  • Clemens Reuter
    Head of UBS ETFs, Managing Director, UBS AG, Zurich
  • Filippo Rima
    Managing Director, Credit Suisse, Zurich
  • Dr. Christian Bahr (Chairman)
    Head Index Services, SIX, Zurich
  • Andreas Henke (Vice Chairman)
    Senior Product Manager Indices, SIX, Zurich
  • Alexandra Bossert
    Executive Director, UBS AG, Opfikon
  • Roland Emch
    Executive Director, UBS AG, Zurich
  • Ueli Goldener
    Head Fixed Income, SIX, Zurich
  • Ralph Hüppin
    Member of Management, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich
  • Markus Loretz
    Senior Sales Securities, Raffeisen Switzerland, Zurich
  • Philipp Luginbühl
    Member of the Management Board, Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA, Bern
  • Ermira Marika
    Head of Swiss Bonds, Pictet Asset Management, Geneva
  • Daniel Wittwer
    Director Treasury, Swiss Federal Finance Administration FFA, Bern
  • Dr. Christian Bahr (Chairman)
    Head Index Services, SIX, Zurich
  • Giulio Castelli (Vice Chairman)
    Head Product Development, SIX
  • Lucas Fuhrer
    Leiter Geldmarktanalysen, Schweizerische Nationalbank, Zürich
  • Niels Gospodinow
    Head of Structural Rates & IRRBB, UBS AG
  • Raffael Goldenberger
    Head Trading & Active Advisory, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank
  • Fabian Kunz
    Head Money Markets, Raiffeisen Schweiz
  • Domenico Mascia
    Cash & Collateral Trading, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich
  • Silvio Pasquale
    Portfolio Manager Treasury & Collateral, Swiss Life Asset Management AG
  • Roland Schwab
    Leiter Zinshandel und Portfolio Management, PostFinance AG
  • André Wietfeld
    Head Repo & CM Products, SIX Repo AG


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