Finance for Kids: Inspired by Shelley Zalis – A Podcast on the Foundations of Financial Confidence

Finance for Kids: Inspired by Shelley Zalis – A Podcast on the Foundations of Financial Confidence

Mara Harvey has made it her mission to teach children – and their parents – the basics of successful wealth building. In our podcast, learn about the importance of starting early to talk to your kids about money and the role gender equality fighters like Shelley Zalis have in this.

Who Is Shelley Zalis?

Shelley Zalis is the founder and CEO of The Female Quotient. That makes her one of the best-known fighters for gender equality in the workplace. Her Equality Lounge at the World Economic Forum in Davos has been one of the places to be for years.  As founder of OTX, she became a pioneer in online research and the first female executive in the top 25 in the industry.

Mara Harvey: A Former Wealth Manager Helps Parents and Kids Talk about Money

Dr. Mara C. Harvey has 21 years of experience in wealth management at UBS. Her work also led to the publication of the book “Women and Risk: Re-writing the Rule” in 2018. From then on, at the latest, advocating for financial literacy among women and the topic of financial parenting has become an integral part of her life.

Financial Equality and Financial Parenting Go Hand in Hand

As author, founder and CEO of SmartWayToStart, Mara Harvey seeks to lay the foundations for a secure financial future for children and their parents. Her sixth children’s book has just been published and the world’s first masterclass on financial parenting has gone live. Shelley Zalis is a great inspiration for Mara Harvey because financial parenting also means talking about financial equality.

At What Point Should You Start Talking to Children about Money?

According to Mara Harvey, you can’t start talking to kids about money early enough. In the latest episode of our podcast, she explains to host Hannah Wise why it’s important for everyone to gain control of their finances. That process needs to start early in order to realize the potential of wealth accumulation over the span of a lifetime. Moreover, in the course of digitalization, it has not become easier to understand the mechanisms of finance.