Inspired by Albert Einstein: The Need for Trust

Inspired by Albert Einstein: The Need for Trust

In our podcast, IT economist Sita Mazumder talks about the challenge of “thinking” the future. When it comes to topics such as the digitization of customer journeys, an open mind like Albert Einstein’s could help.

In a way, Albert Einstein could see into the future. That fascinated Sita Mazumder even before she started kindergarten. For the Swiss IT economist and entrepreneur, he still embodies the ability to leave the beaten path. As a professor of business and IT at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Sita Mazumder conducts research on artificial intelligence at the interface of business and society and develops sustainable business models for the digital age.

In the latest episode of our podcast, she explains what “digital” means for the old economy in particular. She emphasizes openness to FinTechs – and the importance of trust. Today’s technology-based customer journeys are based on trust more than ever. Cryptocurrencies are a case in point. Is this an opportunity for trustworthy companies like SIX?

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