Inspired by John Law: The End of Banking

Inspired by John Law: The End of Banking

Jürg Müller from the think tank Avenir Suisse describes in our podcast how debt and the creation of money are connected. It’s a principle that economist John Law understood – and applied already 300 years ago.

John Law was perhaps the only economist who could actually put his theories into practice. With dubious success; the bubble he created in 18th century France, in part with the help of his Mississippi Company, burst spectacularly. Jürg Müller, Senior Fellow and Head of Research “Infrastructure & Markets” at the think tank Avenir Suisse, is nevertheless fascinated by the mathematical talent and analytical skills of the Scotsman, who notably also succeeded as a gambler and made it into the highest political circles as a convicted murderer.

In the latest episode of our podcast, Jürg Müller explains how John Law turned debt into money and how this principle still shapes the financial world today. As co-author of the book The End of Banking, he has extensively studied the “wiring” of the banking world and developed a proposal on how future crashes could be prevented.

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