Inspired by Thomas Tuchel: The Passion for Detail

Inspired by Thomas Tuchel: The Passion for Detail

It is impossible to imagine modern football without numbers, statistics and systems. Christian Bahr, Head of Index Services at SIX, is all the more familiar with them. In our podcast, he tells us what other similarities he has discovered with football coach Thomas Tuchel.

Football coach Thomas Tuchel has recently amazed the sports world. Within a few months, he has transformed the fallen Chelsea F.C. into a winning team, climbed up the English Premier League table and, to top it all off, won the UEFA Champions League. Part of the introverted German’s recipe for success is his meticulous attention to detail.

Christian Bahr recognizes himself in his fellow countryman. In the latest episode of our podcast, the Head Index Services at SIX explains why every detail also matters when it comes to SMI, IBEX 35, and co. and that it is not only these leading indices that are in demand. At the moment, for example, the new ESG indices from SIX are gaining more and more weight in the market.

At the end of the year, the final whistle will sound for the reference interest rate LIBOR. Christian Bahr’s team has long since “substituted” it with the SARON. He talks about the importance of this long-standing project for the Swiss financial center.

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