Inspired by Jeff Bezos: The Power of Risk

Inspired by Jeff Bezos: The Power of Risk

Sam Sundera, Head Future Business in the Financial Information business unit of SIX, explains in our podcast how Jeff Bezos inspired him and where SIX can learn from Amazon’s business model.

Jeff Bezos has repeatedly succeeded in branching out into adjacent sectors. The online bookseller Amazon was transformed into a media store, and from that into a marketplace for everything imaginable and later even into a supplier of cloud hosting services. Amazon accomplished that by constantly building on what it already had in place.

The Financial Information business at SIX is in a similar position. In the latest episode of our Podcast Sam Sundera, the Head Future Business in the respective business unit, explains how SIX, too, has opportunities to make inroads into adjacent sectors, and how it, too, can build on its achievements – with ESG data or historical corporate actions data in the cloud, for example.

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