Derivatives Fundamentals Class

Derivatives Fundamentals Class

Introducing our new online Derivatives Fundamentals Class

Are you planning a career in derivatives? Are you looking for a solid and comprehensive knowledge base on derivative instruments that you can build on in the long term? Then this is the right course for you.

Start into the World of Derivatives

This guided e-learning course introduces you to futures, swaps, options and other derivative instruments in a straightforward but consistent manner. The course has been steadily developed by practitioners over the years, tested and used at the forefront to train thousands of career changers or newcomers. 

Deepen Your Knowledge

Even if you already have some experience with derivatives, this course provides a clear, intuitive explanation of derivatives and their use that you can refer to again and again throughout your career. Experienced coaches are available to answer your questions during the course and guide you through the review webinars.

The Derivatives Fundamentals Class is an excellent opportunity to get a first overview of the world of derivatives. The lectures are comprehensive, structured and very educational. The skills acquired will definitely help me in the financial industry. Moreover, Vincent and Walter are very authentic and skillful trainers.

A.G., Junior Internal Auditor Banking.

The start is possible at any time and is not bound to any fixed dates

We Accompany You on Your Way


Week 1-8

(At Your Own Pace)


Online: Modules 1 – 11

Work through the 11 well-structured and focused online modules. Allow approx. 3 hours to work through each module. Each module includes exercises and / or homework.

Online: Final Exam

Apply what you have learned in a final online exam and receive a certificate and SAQ training credits.


Webinars: Coaching Hours

You are not alone. Our experienced coaches are available to answer your questions throughout the course and guide you through the review webinars.

Webinar: Exam Preparation

Before you go through the final online exam, our coaches are here to help you clarify and review any issues you may have regarding the course curriculum.

Assisted E-Learning Send your questions to our experienced coaches at any time during the course.

11 Modules for a Strong Foundation

Forward contracts are the most basic financial derivative and are a central key to understand financial derivatives.

Simply Start

The course does not require any special mathematical knowledge.

The main types of derivative instruments are introduced and it is explained how they are used and valued as well as how their risk is managed.

Our Derivatives Training Programmes

The Derivatives Fundamentals Class is part of the SIX Derivatives Training Program. After completing the Derivatives Fundamentals course, you will have the necessary basics to successfully tackle the Derivatives Master Class (DMC) or to continue with the Structured Products course.


Course Overview

Target Audience Participants who want to build a comprehensive and solid foundation on the topic of derivatives.  Newcomers and career changers in the field of derivatives who want to start their career. Practitioners who are increasingly involved with derivatives: Traders, sales, client advisors, product specialists, asset managers, institutional investors, pension fund managers.


You can complete the blended learning program (approx. 30 hours) at your own pace. For this you will have access to the program material for 4 months.

Cost CHF 1'500






Payment is made by credit card when booking. Please note that we do not issue invoices.

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Educational Partner & Credits

Educational Partner
Our educational partner NoscoPartners AG is a proven expert in training and further education in the financial market and ensures an optimal mix of theory and practice.

SAQ Re-Certification for “Client Advisor”
This course is recognized by the Swiss Association for Quality (SAQ) as a re-certification measure in the certification system “Client Advisor Bank”. Passing through the training will be credited as a full measure of 30 hours, out of which 24 hours are required for recertification (covering the subject areas of “Industry knowledge” and “Rules of conduct”) for the following certifications:

  • Certified Wealth Management Advisor CWMA
  • Certified Corporate Banker CCoB

"Qualified independent wealth manager SAAM"
This Derivatives Master Class is recognized as part of the “Qualified independent wealth manager SAAM” certification of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). You can book the course directly on the website and receive 50 credit points from the SAAM.

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