Clearing and Settlement

Clearing and Settlement

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Clearing is a securities risk management process supported by a clearing house or central counterparty (CCP). SIX x-clear, LCH Ltd and Cboe Clear Europe act as central counterparties for their members and offer comprehensive clearing services for all CCP-eligible securities that are traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Our end-to-end automation of securities processing ranks among the most efficient in the whole of Europe.

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About This Service

Clearing is only possible for eligible securities (CCP-eligible securities), with an automated settlement instruction being sent to the relevant central counterparty (CCP) in the form of a locked-in trade. In the case of other products, transaction are forwarded to the relevant national or international central securities depository (CSD/ICSD).

Ideal for Straight-Through Processing

Our infrastructure comprises four layers, each in relation to the specific task of Trading, Clearing, Settlement and Payment Transactions: The Swiss Value Chain integrates the subsystems horizontally as part of a coordinated process, thus creating the ideal environment for straight-through processing.

Static Data

In the case of static data, the Clearing and Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) forms are used to inform us about the central counterparties (CCP) and central securities depository (CSD) as well as about changes to settlement or clearing data. The contents of these forms relate to detailed clearing and settlement data. They will be forwarded to the relevant service partner. A period of five days should be allowed for any changes to CSSI data.

Recognised CCPs and CSDs

The Swiss Stock Exchange uses an integrated settlement solution - a facility based on the cooperation of recognised central securities depositories that are incorporated in the straight-through processing process. For detailed information, please consult the list of recognised settlement organisations and central securities depositories.

Fully Integrated Platform

Our SWXess trading platform was developed from the outset as a fully integrated trading platform. In the form of locked-in trades, it has direct links to the settlement infrastructure, thereby removing any requirement for dual entry in multiple environments.

Accrued Interest Calculations & Determination of Holiday Calendars

In fixed income trading the correct calculation of accrued interest and the maintenance of the holiday calendars are important. For SIX Swiss Exchange, the calculation methods and the determination of non-business days for trading on the SWXess platform are outlined in our guide which provides several examples and applicable formulas. The document also provides the interpretation of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) rules.


The SWXess platform automatically identifies locked-in instructions following execution of a given stock exchange transaction, including the prospective settlement date and consideration. This information is forwarded to clearing and settlement.

Settlement date

  • Stock exchange transactions in securities listed or authorized for trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange are as a general rule settled on the second exchange day (T+2) following execution.

Settlement consideration amount

  • The SWXess platform automatically calculates the settlement consideration including accrued interest for locked-in trades.
  • When specifying the value date at the beginning of interest accumulation, public holidays in relation to the relevant Central Securities Depository, as well as the various currencies, are taken into account.

Off-order book trades

Off-order book trades may also lead to automatically generated instructions under the following conditions:

  • The participant enters the transaction as a Two-sided Trade Report.
  • If the participant has entered a Delivery Report.
  • The participant does not submit the transaction for "manual settlement".

In all other cases, settlement is performed manually. Participants are responsible for settling transactions in good time.

The applicable rules and regulations allow the Swiss Stock Exchange to forward automated settlement instructions in the form of locked-in trades to a recognized central counterparty (CCP, a Central Securities Depository) or an international central securities depository (ICSD).

The great advantage of locked-in trades is that clearing and settlement is fully automated and that errors from the re-entry of data can be avoided completely. No extra matching is necessary for settlement as all the necessary information is already available when a stock exchange transaction is executed.

To enable the Swiss Stock Exchange to deliver this service at the international central securities depositories Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Luxembourg, participants must fill out the relevant powers of attorney (see tab “Forms”). Settlement at Euroclear Bank and Clearstream Luxembourg is only possible for international bonds.

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