General Clearing Members

General Clearing Members

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The Swiss Stock Exchange is a unique network that includes national and international General Clearing Members alongside our trading participants. General Clearing Members provide clearing for CCP-eligible securities trading on our exchange. Clearing is a securities risk management process, supported by a central counterparty (CCP). SIX x-clear AG, LCH Ltd and Cboe Clear Europe act as central counterparties and offer comprehensive clearing services.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Being a General Clearing Member

A General Clearing Member provides clearing services for the trading participants in CCP-eligible securities. Trades concluded on the Swiss Stock Exchange are cleared via a central counterparty (CCP). The clearing houses SIX x-clear AG, LCH Ltd and Cboe Clear Europe provide this service as partners of SIX Swiss Exchange AG.

A General Clearing Member must also be a participant of a clearing house (SIX x-clear AG, LCH Ltd and Cboe Clear Europe). It does not necessarily need a data link to the SWXess trading platform. Trading participants of the Swiss Stock Exchange can also act as General Clearing Members.

Reporting Members: Critical for Transparency

Effective reporting is essential to make sure the market remains transparent. We provide comprehensive information for Reporting Members and reporting obligation on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Becoming a General Clearing Member

To become a General Clearing Member, an application form and a Clearing and Settlement Standing Instructions (CSSI) form must be completed and signed. The applicant submits the forms and the application to the Member & CRM Services team of the Swiss Stock Exchange. You can find all relevant forms below.

Our Current General Clearing Members

Want to know who’s already a General Clearing Member of the Swiss Stock Exchange? We publish a list of all the respective companies as part of our work to keep our unique network is as transparent as possible.


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