Third-Party Service Providers

Third-Party Service Providers

Facilitating Access to the Swiss Stock Exchange

For Traders and Participants

To create its attractive trading conditions, the Swiss Stock Exchange works closely with carefully chosen service providers. Their connectivity solutions, applications and hosted systems are a critical link between our exchange and our members. Our service providers play a vital role in facilitating participant access to our infrastructure, and the Swiss Stock Exchange seeks their expert input when developing new initiatives and coordinating new releases. You can find the complete list below.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

For Service Providers

The Swiss Stock Exchange welcomes new and innovative companies who wish to become approved application or infrastructure service providers, or independent software vendors. To apply, firms must be involved in the implementation of a SIX-related solution with at least one member of a SIX exchange, or be actively involved in providing services to one or more participants of the Swiss Stock Exchange.

List of Service Providers

The following list gives you an overview of the current service providers such as Infrastructure Service Providers (ISP), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Application Service Providers (ASP) and interfaces on the Swiss Stock Exchange. For additional queries, please contact one of the Relationship Managers for the Swiss Stock Exchange service providers.



Please find below the necessary forms to apply to become an Application Service Provider (ASP), Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Technical Queries

Our Local Support Centers in Zurich, Geneva and London are happy to answer any technical questions.