Structured Products

Structured Products

Discover Fascinating Diversity on SIX Swiss Exchange

Unique Investment Flexibility

The world of structured products offers a wealth of possibilities. It is this unique diversity that makes them so popular among investors. The Swiss Stock Exchange is characterized by a high level of investor protection, active market control and a fully electronic trading system. It trades only in products that have passed through SER (SIX Exchange Regulation), ensuring that processing is orderly as well as transparent and efficient.

In-depth knowledge and a clear market opinion are just as important for successful investments as good trading conditions, and are a sound basis for decision-making. The Swiss Stock Exchange allows the flexible and precise use of structured products to fulfill individual investment and diversification requirements, whether pro-risk, defensive or against the current.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Quotes Quality Metrics

The Swiss Stock Exchange is setting new standards in transparency with the introduction of the Quotes Quality Metrics. We allow investors and market observers to check how liquid a structured product is and how efficiently the issuer is making a market. The quality check is an internet-based control system that we developed in close coordination with the major issuers.

Downloads & Tools

The Swiss Stock Exchange publishes the Crypto Products Report on a monthly basis as well as the yearly report once a year. The report provides detailed figures about the development of the crypto products as well as information on trading activity, trends and changes in this segment to investors, market participants and the interested public. All reports are available here.

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