Sponsored Access

Sponsored Access

Controlled Access to Outstanding Liquidity and Technology for Sponsored Users

Start Trading via Sponsored Access

Sponsored Access offers a direct connection to the Swiss Stock Exchange, our cutting-edge trading technology and our outstanding liquidity in Swiss securities.

As Sponsored Users, the clients of trading participants can route their orders directly to the Swiss Stock Exchange via the Risk GUI of the Sponsoring Participant.

And our trading participants who sponsor access in this way are provided specific pre- and at-trade risk management controls by the exchange so they can set limits and control their clients’ trading activities.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Risk Management Controls for Sponsoring Participants

Participants who choose to sponsor access to the Swiss Stock Exchange trading platform can use specific pre- and at-trade risk management controls. These enable participants to set trading limits and restrict their clients’ trading activity as necessary. Sponsors can set and change their risk management parameters through an intuitive graphical user interface.

Sponsoring participants can also manage risk by activating a kill switch, which deletes all outstanding orders made by their sponsored clients, and prevent new order entries being made. Sponsors can also define a list of restricted stocks in which their sponsored clients are not allowed to trade.

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Sponsored Access offers greater access to our highly efficient marketplace and results in even better liquidity and more diversified order books.

Simon McQuoid-Mason, Head Equity Products

Attractive Trading Segments

The Swiss Stock Exchange offers access to over 40,000 securities, across a variety of trading segments including Equities, Bonds, Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds and Sponsored Funds, Exchange Traded Products and Structured Products.

About This Service

Participants that sponsor access to the trading platform of the Swiss Stock Exchange are known as sponsoring participants. SIX maintains a legal relationship only with sponsoring participants, who are responsible for making sure that all their sponsored users are aware of and accept the exchange rules. 

Onboarding Sponsored Users

The onboarding process includes a business, technical and operational set-up and testing. The process is designed to be simple and transparent, and can be completed in as little as four weeks. Our expert teams are available to support and guide you through the entire processes.

Market and Reference Data

Sponsored users may choose to get their market information data from their sponsor or from an independent data vendor. The sponsoring participant must make sure that SIX Exfeed Ltd has all the necessary information about the sponsored user to comply with the Directive 6: Market Information.

Order Types

Sponsored users can enter a number of different order types via the OUCH Trading Interface (OTI). This includes normal orders and iceberg orders with a variety of terms and lengths. Specific order terms include good-for-day and at-the-opening orders, as well as at-the-close, immediate-or-cancel and fill-or-kill.

FIX Drop Copy

Sponsors must make sure they can effectively monitor all access flow from their sponsored users. We provide sponsors with a real-time drop-copy feed for all entries, amendments, and deletions transmitted by the sponsored user – as well as any executions and cancellations that arise.


  • Sponsored Access Service Description

    This document describes the «Sponsored Access» (SA) arrangement offered by the Swiss Stock Exchange.

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  • Sponsored Access - Risk Mangement Controls (RMC)

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  • Sponsored Access

    RX GUI User Guide (Version 3.02)

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The following list gives you an overview of the current Sponsoring Participants for the Sponsored Access arrangement of the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Company Address City Country Phone
Banque Pictet & Cie SA 60, Route des Acacias 1211 Genève 73 Switzerland +41 (58) 323 2323
Instinet Europe Limited 1 Angel Lane EC4R 3AB London United Kingdom +44 20 71548400
UBS AG Bahnhofstrasse 45 Zurich Switzerland +41 (44) 234 1111
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