World-Class Trading Technology

World-Class Trading Technology

One of the Most Technologically Advanced and Stable Exchanges

Trailblazing Technology for Efficient Trading

The Swiss Stock Exchange operates not only one of the most technologically advanced, but also one of the most stable exchanges. Offering an average round-trip latency of just 14 microseconds, efficient risk management, and outstanding capacity reserves, our trading platform SWXess enables you to instantly implement your investment decisions.

We provide a wide range of interfaces and connectivity options so participants can choose what best suits their strategies and market activity in order to benefit fully from our unique market structure and the outstanding liquidity on our market.

SWXess: Throughput, Speed and Reliability

The SWXess Trading Platform of the Swiss Stock Exchange, running on X-stream INET technology, combines high capacity and low latency with outstanding reliability in all our trading segments. It enables all forms of trading, from safely executing large blocks to high-frequency algorithmic trading.

Because of its unique design, SWXess meets the demands of today’s global trading community. Underpinned by a common infrastructure that guarantees its stability, it is built as a series of loosely coupled and self-contained components. This modularity offers a fully integrated environment for all trading activities and gives you the flexibility to select the ideal setup for your needs – now and in the future.

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange

We operate not only one of the most technologically advanced, but also one of the most stable stock exchanges in the world.

Werner Bürki, Head Trading, Member of the Management Committee, Securities & Exchanges, SIX

Become a Participant

We want new participants to start trading as soon as possible. Admission and technical setup can be completed in as little as four weeks. Our specialists are always available to guide you through the process from setting up your trading infrastructure to testing and go-live.

Select Your Ideal Interfaces

The SWXess trading platform comes with a full set of industry-standard interfaces for trading all asset classes. Our wide range of interface options allows you to select the most suitable and effective configuration and scale speed and capacity to your requirements. You also remain flexible to adapt your setup when new opportunities arise. 

Co-location: The Fastest Connection

Co-location services of the Swiss Stock Exchange offer participants many advantages: faster execution, trading irrespective of distance, customizable infrastructure and choice of preferred supplier, cost efficiency and fast on-boarding. A co-location access reduces latency for equity trading to just 14 microseconds. We offer co-location services in partnership with Equinix. By installing their technical equipment in the Equinix data center in Zurich next to the SWXess trading engine, all participants can enjoy the same superior latency regardless of their geographical location.

The Largest Microwave Network in Europe

Microwave technology allows the fastest transmission of trade data. The Swiss Stock Exchange is the first regulated exchange to own and operate an international ultra-low latency microwave network in Europe. Our microwave network enables trading participants – such as market makers and liquidity providers in the equities and ETF space – to execute their trading strategies faster while at the same time improving their risk management. As a result, improved liquidity and tighter spreads create better execution conditions for all market participants.

Access Point Service

The Access Point service is one of the available SCAP options with several Points of Presence (PoPs) in London and Frankfurt. The service has direct connectivity to SWXess with low and reliable latency to both trading environments (member test and production). The Access Point service belongs to existing financial ecosystems and provisions participants with diversity, operational cost optimization and potential leveraging economies of scale.


  • Excellent Latency and Capacity

    X-stream INET Performance Measurement Details for Equities Partition

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  • Connectivity Selection

    Key criteria for choosing the type of connectivity are the chosen interface as well as the required exchange services and transmission capacity.

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  • Access Point Service - Enhance Your Connectivity

    The Access Point service allows participants to optimise their connectivity to all services and trading segments available on SIX and provides the opportunity to reduce current connectivity costs.

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Technical Queries

Our Local Support Centers in Zurich, Geneva and London are happy to answer any technical questions.