Introduction to Financial Markets

Introduction to Financial Markets

“I wish this course had been offered when I started my career in finance.
My entry into the world of finance would have been much easier!”

Understanding the financial markets is crucial for private and professional investors as it enables them to make informed investment decisions, manage risks, and optimize their returns. This e-learning provides an ideal foundation to begin with.

Start Your Journey to Understand the Financial Markets

This e-learning is for anyone who wants to better understand what financial markets are and why they are so important to the functioning of our economy. We will introduce the key players, their role and their motivations. Our goal is to provide you with a good insight into the various asset classes, the products associated with them, and the relevant jargon. You will learn about the financial market from the perspective of the investor, the issuer and the financial services industry.

Everyone Can Profit

If you are a private investor or if you want to start a career in finance, the course will help you to quickly find your feet in the financial markets.  And even if you've been in the markets for a while and excel at your job, you will gain a better understanding of how your job fits into the bigger picture.

The start is possible at any time and is not bound to any fixed dates

5 Modules for a Strong Foundation

We introduce you to the inner mechanisms of the financial markets. It's all about the allocation of capital and risk. On the one hand, there are the companies looking for ways to finance their business. On the other side are the investors who seek to invest their capital. In the middle is the financial industry, which connects the parties and provides liquidity, risk transformation, investment advice and investment solutions.

Simply Start

The course does not require any special mathematical knowledge.


Course Overview

Target Audience Participants who want to build a comprehensive and solid foundation in financial markets. Private investors, newcomers and career changers who want to start their career in finance. Practitioners who you will gain a better understanding of how your job fits into the bigger picture: Private investors, client advisors, client advisor assistants, sales, product specialists, but also auditors, consultants or software providers, risk and controlling managers.


You can complete the blended learning program (approx. 8 hours) at your own pace. For this you will have access to the program material for 4 months.

Cost CHF 650


e-Learning (online) 




Payment is made by credit card when booking. Please note that we do not issue invoices.

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Our educational partner NoscoPartners AG is a proven expert in training and further education in the financial market and ensures an optimal mix of theory and practice.

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