Trader Registration

Trader Registration

Become a Trader or Reporting Agent on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Education and Training for Secure and Efficient Trading

When it comes to quality and client orientation, the Swiss Stock Exchange sets very high standards. We want efficient and secure trading for all our participants, so we make sure all traders have the necessary expertise. Trading participants must register all persons carrying out trading activities in their name and on their behalf. To become a Trader or Reporting agent, you first need to pass the respective exam.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange


SIX has clear processes and requirements for registering new traders, individual contacts, and reporting agents. This helps us ensure the efficiency, security and quality of the Swiss Stock Exchange is maintained. You can find details of our requirements and how you can register here.

Register a New Trader

To register a new trader you will need to download, complete, and submit the following forms to SIX: the Trader Registration and Modification form, and the Declaration of Personal Reliability form. You can also complete the Trader Registration and Modification form to update your trader status. All forms must be submitted to Member Services.

Registration Requirements

To qualify as a registered trader, you must meet all the requirements set out in the Rule Book of SIX. You must also hold a trader license from SIX, or have grandfathered status. If you meet the requirements for traders in principle but do not yet have a definitive trader license from SIX, you can be registered on a temporary basis for three months.

Registered Personnel Contacts

Participants of the Swiss Stock Exchange must ensure that SIX has the correct contact details for all registered personnel. This includes: business coordinators, compliance officers, heads of exams, and all contacts for settlement and clearing. Contact details can be registered and deregistered through the Registered Personnel Administration page of our Member Section.

Registration for Reporting Agents

By registering as reporting agents, middle- and back-office staff can submit on-exchange / off-order-book reports to the exchange. To register as a reporting agent, you will need to download, complete and submit two forms: the Reporting Agent Registration and Modification form and the Reporting Agent Declaration of Personal Reliability form. All forms must be submitted to Member Services. 

Training Courses

Expand your knowledge of exchanges and financial markets with essential and advanced training from SIX.

About This Service

As a leading provider of exchange services, we offer a comprehensive set of education and training modules on topics such as: financial markets, trading, post-trading and repo. In addition to the mandatory training and exams that traders need to pass, this includes a wide range of related courses on the financial markets to help our participants and traders stay abreast of the latest developments in rapidly changing financial markets.