A Truly International Bond Market

A Truly International Bond Market

Trade a Broad Spectrum of Swiss and International Bonds

International Fixed-Income Trading

The large bond market on the Swiss Stock Exchange is truly international. Issuers include sovereigns, supranational organizations, corporates and financial institutions, and approximately half of the 1,800 listed bonds were issued by foreign organizations from around 50 countries on five continents.

The market covers a wide range of instruments, including straight bonds, floating-rate notes, convertibles/exchangeables, asset-backed securities, green bonds and loan participation notes. Debt instruments can be listed in all major world currencies. In addition, there are around 2,100 international bonds admitted to trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

A Large and International Universe of Fixed-Income Trading

The Bond Market on the Swiss Stock Exchange represents a large and international universe of fixed-income trading. Bonds - CHF are listed in Swiss Francs on the Swiss Stock Exchange, regardless of the type of issuer (domestic or foreign). Bonds - Non CHF are always issued in a foreign currency (i.e. not Swiss francs) and are either listed on a foreign exchange recognized by the Swiss Stock Exchange or listed on the exchange itself.

Green and Sustainability Bonds

The Swiss Stock Exchange has been a trading venue for green bonds since 2014 when the European Investment Bank (EIB) listed the first green bond with us, and in 2018 we started a partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).

About This Service

Here you can find the latest information on the market via the Primary Debt Capital Market Report, as well as information regarding trading rules, products, fees and charges.

Primary Debt Capital Market Report

Our report provides quarterly statistics and charts concerning bonds listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. The report contains information such as the number and volume of new bond listings, upcoming maturities, distribution of issuers (sectors and countries), average maturity and related interest rate and spread development.

Trading Guides

Trading Guides provide you with valuable information on the rules governing trading. The term Trading Guide encompasses product guides and other relevant informative material.

Product Guide – Bond Market

Product Guides for individual trading segments contain the full range of trading provisions governing trading times, tick size, trading interruptions, reporting, and more.

Fees & Charges

The list of Trading Charges fully describes all fees applicable to on-order-book trades as well as on-Exchange trades executed away from the order book. The List of Charges under Trading Rules applies to all participants, as well as persons who have submitted themselves to the rules and regulations of the Exchange

Partners & FAQ

As a proactive partner, we bring Swiss and foreign companies together with well-capitalized, international investors in the Swiss financial center. We attach special importance to putting our extensive network of contacts to work for you. In keeping with this approach, we actively bring companies and investors together and encourage ongoing dialog.

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