Trading Provisions

Trading Provisions

We ensure fair, transparent and efficient trading.

Excellent Trading Conditions

As a regulated stock exchange, the Swiss Stock Exchange provides a secure and reliable trading environment to participants and investors. We create market-oriented framework conditions for trading and maintain a close dialogue with both our domestic and foreign customers, making sure that we can realize practical solutions together that fulfil the needs of our clients.

Trading on the Swiss Stock Exchange is based on the principles fairness, transparency and efficiency: all orders are executed through a single, central order book on a price/time priority basis. We publish all market-related information to ensure that all securities trading processes are transparent. And we ensure equal treatment of all participants in terms of order entry or the dissemination of information.

Emergency and Outage Policy

At SIX Swiss Exchange, operational stability is at the core of our daily business. We continuously ensure that our trading technology is robust and has full contingency capability. There are a significant number of contingency mechanisms embedded within the core technology that minimize the risk of an outage or serious production issues. Our Emergency and Outage Policy document summarizes key emergency procedures of SIX Swiss Exchange.

Constant Improvement

The Swiss Stock Exchange has played a pioneering role on many occasions. We continue to innovate in order to guarantee the best possible trading conditions on a long-term basis. We also continue to invest in the most advanced trading technology and keep developing new services.

Fully integrated

The Swiss Stock Exchange offers a fully integrated trading platform which has direct links into the clearing and settlement infrastructure. Immediately after execution of a trade, fully automated settlement instructions is forwarded to the relevant central counterparty (CCP) or directly to the central securities depository (CSD). Straight-through processing (STP) is facilitated by the use of routing information entered by SIX and various service partners.

Creating Transparency

The Swiss Stock Exchange has a statutory obligation to publish all information necessary for the transparency of securities trading, specifically price information and volume of the securities traded on-exchange. We publish the last exchange price with volumes and time (continuous transmission), the best bid and ask prices with volumes (cumulative, continuous), the trading period and any intervention by the exchange (e.g. suspension of trading in a security), the order book status (Trading, Pre-Opening, Stop Trading, Suspended) and the market depth.

SIX Exfeed Ltd provides the information in real time (along with other vendors such as Refinitiv, Bloomberg etc. that make the information available to the public).


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