Raising Debt Capital with SIX Swiss Exchange

The Swiss Debt Capital Market - Large and Truly International

Investors have a choice of over 2,300 listed bonds and of more than 600 admitted-to-trading bonds. The type of bonds encompass a wide range and such bonds are denominated in all major currencies. The bonds are issued by over 400 issuers from around the world, spanning all continents. The aggregated nominal volume of SIX listed bond instruments exceeds CHF 760 billion.



(for issuers)

  • Diversity of issuers and investors
  • Large and international
  • Predominance of highly rated bonds
  • Currency diversification (against Euro area)
  • Issue sizes are comparably small (average size: CHF 200-250 million)
  • Swiss regulatory and prospectus regime (≠ EU Prospectus Directive/Regime)
  • Access to deep pools of capital (Switzerland hosts ~500 banks and insurance companies and ~1’500 Pension Funds)
  • Simple, efficient and cost-effective listing process
  • Political, economic and social stability of Switzerland
  • A “one-stop shop” offering (listing, trading and post-trading) by SIX Group
  • High liquidity and visibility
  • Inclusion of CHF-denominated bonds in the Swiss Bond Index (SBI) 

Bond Listing At-a-Glance

Frequently Asked Questions: Understanding Bond Listing and Trading on SIX

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