Start Trading on SIX Swiss Exchange

Start Trading on SIX Swiss Exchange

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Becoming a trading participant of SIX Swiss Exchange gives you access to the reference market for Swiss securities. That means outstanding liquidity for more than 60,000 securities including some of biggest companies in Switzerland and Europe.

Coupled with world-class technology that matches speed and capacity and numerous connectivity options, the Swiss Stock Exchange is one the world’s most attractive environments for successful trading. And, with our expert teams to help you onboard, you can join in as little as four weeks. 

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We want new members to start trading as soon as possible. So we have designed our onboarding process to ensure rapid access to our exchanges. The onboarding process has two phases - business set-up and operations set-up. These can be completed in parallel.

Our specialists are always available to guide new participants through the process from setting up your trading infrastructure to testing and go-live. They will also help you select the most appropriate connectivity option for your business, your trading strategies and your level of market activity. In addition, our experts can provide all the forms and evaluate your application for a Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) license.

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Discover more advantages of joining the Swiss Stock Exchange and trading in our highly liquid securities universe.

About This Service

All trading participants on the Swiss Stock Exchange must fulfill a number of requirements under the terms of the Federal Act on Stock Exchanges and Securities Trading (Stock Exchange Act).They must be authorised securities traders or foreign securities exchange member, fulfil organisational, accounting and auditing requirements and comply with the rules and directives of the Swiss Stock Exchange. Once authorised, a participant nominates its own traders, who are registered on the Swiss Stock Exchange. The following documents provide the most important information for participants. 

The Trading Rules

The Trading Rules govern the rights and obligations of both SIX and participants of the Swiss Stock Exchange. They are based on the principles set down by the Swiss Federal Act on Financial Market Infrastructures and Market Conduct in Securities and Derivatives Trading (FMIA). 

Directive 1: Admission of Participants

Directive 1 sets out the requirements for the admission of trading participants, market makers and liquidity providers to the Swiss Stock Exchange. It also sets out what constitutes an appropriate organization as well as registration obligations. It is based on the Trading Rules.

Co-location & Microwave Network

Our co-location service allows all participants to take advantage of our trading platform’s outstanding performance which offers a latency of just 14 microseconds for equity trading, regardless of your location. And our unique microwave network allows ultra-low latency transmission of trade data between Zurich and London, Frankfurt and Milan as well as between Milan, Frankfurt and London.

Broker Access List

See which direct trading participants of SIX Swiss Exchange are supporting access to SwissAtMid and Trading-At-Last (TAL). SwissAtMid is our mid-point non-display orderbook trading Swiss equity and Investment Fund Instruments. Our TAL session offers a fixed-price trading after the closing auction, allowing participants to continue to trade at the official closing price of SIX Swiss Exchange.


  • Quality Begins with an Attractive Range of Services

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  • Membership Onboarding Process

    Thanks to our highly efficient onboarding process, it is possible for institutions to start trading on SIX within just four weeks.

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For the use of the SWXess trading platform, various fees are charged to trading participants and reporting members.

For details on SIX fees, please refer to the following Lists of Charges:

SIX charges annual participation fees. For a direct access to the Exchange system, an additional access fee is charged.

SIX also charges a fee for all on-Exchange transactions and a reporting fee for the reception and processing of Trade Reports. The amount of the trading fee is calculated per transaction and participant and depends on the given participant's total trading turnover (money involved; ad valorem fee) and number of transactions.

For certain product segments, SIX makes available special trading capacity in the form of quotes per second (QPS), FIX transactions per second (FTPS) or OUCH transactions per second (OTPS). In return for payment of a monthly capacity fee, SIX can allocate additional trading capacity (QPS, FTPS or OTPS) for use by the participant.

Under certain circumstances, extraordinary fees, such as supervision and investigation fees, are payable.

Rules and regulations, Directives and Guidelines that are no longer legally valid are available in the archive
of SER (SIX Exchange Regulation AG).

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