Technical Connectivity to SWXess

Technical Connectivity to SWXess

Connectivity, Latency and Throughput Tailored to Your Needs

Connectivity Options

With a wide range of options to access the SWXess trading platform of the Swiss Stock Exchange, participants can select the right type of connectivity for their trading strategy and market activity. To connect to the SWXess platform, traders can take advantage of a single access point – the SIX Common Access Portal (SCAP) – or choose the faster Co-Location access.

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The Swiss Stock Exchange has built a comprehensive array of technical connectivity options into the SWXess trading platform. These include a choice of co-location and proximity services for fast trading and data collection, and highly scalable single access points that can be tailored to individual trading requirements. Participants and traders can choose the applications that best suit their business needs.

Connectivity Options at a Glance

Our infographic gives you an overview of all the technical options for connecting to the SWXess trading platform. Further details are available in our Directive 2: Technical Connectivity.

SCAP provides scalable access to the SWXess trading environment. It has high data-transmission capacity with a connection that can be tailored to traders’ requirements and market activity. Communications between traders and platform are conducted through an encrypted VPN tunnel and secured by Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE).

Access via Co-location services hosted in the Zurich-based Equinix datacenter is the fastest way to connect to the SWXess trading platform of the Swiss Stock Exchange. The service offers a direct fiber connection to the SWXess on-book matcher for both equities and non-equities. With bandwidth of 10 Gbps, the Co-location access to the Swiss Stock Exchange averages latency of 14 microseconds.

For lowest latency through a direct connection, traders can connect to SWXess via a designated proximity service provider. This overcomes geographical distance and offers the same low latency to international clients as to those located in Zurich.

The SIX Access Point service is one of the SCAP options available. It offers direct connectivity to SWXess with low and reliable latency via points of presence in London and Frankfurt. The Access Point service enables traders to optimize connectivity to all exchange services and asset classes available from the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Microwave Technology for the Lowest Latency

Microwave technology allows the fastest transmission of trade data between exchange data centers. The microwave network of the Swiss Stock Exchange provides trading firms looking for low-latency solutions from and to Zurich. Microwave technology (or radio frequency, RF) allows for trade data to be transmitted faster than via connections based on fibre optic technology. Microwave can deliver lower end-to-end latency than fibre because it takes a more direct line between the two ends of the network. Also, microwave signals travel at the speed of light through air, rather than over fibre, which can attenuate signals.

The Swiss Stock Exchange is the first regulated exchange in Europe to own and operate an international microwave network. Equal access to the microwave network is ensured for all trading participants at both regulatory and technical levels, in line with Switzerland's legal framework.


  • Access Point Service - Enhance Your Connectivity

    The Access Point service allows participants to optimise their connectivity to all services and trading segments available on SIX and provides the opportunity to reduce current connectivity costs.

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  • Connectivity Selection

    Key criteria for choosing the type of connectivity are the chosen interface as well as the required exchange services and transmission capacity.

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The participant owns its connection to SCAP and is therefore responsible for its administration and organisation. The participant is also responsible for ordering the data lines from its provider. The Swiss Stock Exchange provides an order form and all required information. The provider bills the participant directly for the services it provides.

A periodic access fee is charged for every connectivity option. This fee does not include the provider's costs or the exchange's service costs. The Swiss Stock Exchange does not charge a set-up fee for the connection.

Technical Queries

Our Local Support Centers in Zurich, Geneva and London are happy to answer any technical questions.