Reference Data: Managed

Quality Reference Data. Where You Need It. When You Need It.

Managing financial instrument data has never been more challenging. Regulations such as IRS 871(m), MiFID II or FinSA are underscoring the need for high-quality, complete and instantly available reference data.
That’s where CONNEXOR comes in. With services for both issue and maintenance of an instrument, as well as for data use, CONNEXOR offers:
  • Full lifecycle, fully automated, cost-efficient management of reference data.
  • Greater global efficiency and quality thanks to its unique, exacting data standard
  • The right service: from launch, placement (including OTC), trading and maintenance, right through to maturity.
  • The Issuer’s Choice

    CONNEXOR is used by 83 issuers of financial products, with more than 1.47 million newly issued structured products and more than 41.5 million associated product updates and lifecycle events flowing through every year.

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CONNEXOR in Figures

83 83
30 30
Data Consumers
1.47 mn 1.47 mn
Newly issued products in 2023
41.5 mn 41.5 mn
associated product updates & lifecycle events in 2023
5 5
Asset Classes: Structured Products
(incl. Warrants), OTC Derivatives (Options, Forwards incl. Accumulator/Decumulators), Fixed Income, ETPs, Life Insurance policies.
20+ 20+
countries our issuers come from: Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Hongkong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, USA and more.

How You Will Benefit

Reference Data: Instant and Global Distribution

Distribution of high quality reference data to multiple market participants can be costly and cumbersome. Issuers contend with many different interfaces and many data models, incurring high overheads.

CONNEXOR Distribution does things differently. Reference data is captured electronically in a standardized way, directly at source, even for instruments listed on other exchanges, OTC or private placements. This allows for straight through processing, making data available to any number of data consumers in a standard format, without any changes to content.

The process is fast, efficient and eliminates repeated efforts across different interfaces and data models: that’s the CONNEXOR Distribution difference.

Numerous market participants such as financial institutions, data vendors, investors, technology partners, public authorities and other reference data users are already connected to the CONNEXOR infrastructure and further market participants can be connected. The table below shows the services currently available via CONNEXOR.

Service RSOT

Listing at SIX


Settlement at SIX SIS


Data Distribution to Bloomberg


Collateral Secured Instruments (COSI) Service by SIX


PIB Documentation by SIX


PRIIP/KID Documentation by SIX


Suitability Check by Investment Navigator


PRIIP/KID Documentation by Cleversoft


XDL Settlement at SIX


Data Distribution to WM Data


Data Distribution to Refinitiv


Risk Assessment by Edge Laboratories


Customized Solutions by Move Digital


Data Distribution to CAT Financial Products


Data Distribution to SwissQuant


Data Distribution to Anova Partners


Listing at BX Swiss


Data Distribution to Vontobel for trades on Deritrade


Data Distribution to FinIQ


Valuation Services by Finalyse


Valuation and Advisory Services by Alternative Investment Solutions (AISFG)


Data Distribution to WealthArc


Data Distribution to Structured Retail Products (SRP)


Data Distribution to baha (ex Teletrader)


CONNEXOR Blockchain Solution


WM Daten EDDy_New Conversion Service


CONNEXOR Blockchain Solution Tokenization


Listing at BME


Clearing and Settlement at Iberclear


Data Distribution to Arcmedia


Requested Service Offering Type (CONNEXOR attribute)

About This Service

A financial instrument passes through several phases in its lifecycle, each with different needs and obligations for managing its reference data. Against a backdrop of increasing regulatory requirements, compliance with all of these obligations can prove difficult for market participants. Fortunately, CONNEXOR provides the services that help the market overcome these challenges.

Step One: Instrument Issuance

CONNEXOR Numbering is the central reservation tool for Swiss and international security identification numbers (ISINs) and automates the assignment of valor numbers to accelerate the subscription process – especially for mass reservations.

CONNEXOR Listing then enables instruments to be immediately admitted to trading, while CONNEXOR Distribution allows non-listed instrument data to be captured and distributed in a standardized manner.

Step Two: Instrument Maintenance

CONNEXOR Events simplifies the timely transmission of financial instrument event data to fulfil reporting obligations. Issuers can also use this service to transmit payment instructions for listed and unlisted instruments.

CONNEXOR Reporting is the official reporting platform for transmitting corporate action data. It offers issuers one-step compliance with stock exchange law in a simple, reliable and timely manner, enabling them to transmit information to the market simultaneously.

Step Three: Use of Data

CONNEXOR Terms displays simple and complex financial instruments in digitized form and originating from the issuer. The service combines data depth and quality with a standardized structure, enabling easy further processing and use of reference data.

CONNEXOR API: Get Your Reference Data ISIN by ISIN

Our “easy-to-connect” CONNEXOR API allows our structured product reference data consumers to download data ISIN by ISIN – just like you would with a shopping cart! So clients only pay for what they actively request. In addition to the native data format CONNEXOR-XML, other popular formats such as json, csv or Excel are also enabled. The offering covers additional services, such as notifications about data updates, issuer reporting on usage as well as integrating key figures. Based on the closing prices of the previous day, the following key figures can be obtained:

  • Distance from strike price
  • Autocall, barrier
  • Derivative numbers (delta, gamma, theta, vega, rho, leverage effect, intrinsic value, fair value)
  • Payout upon maturity
  • Return indicators (sideways yield, maximum yield, bonus yield, outperformance level)
  • Risk indicators (Value at Risk (VaR), Summary Risk Indicator (SRI))

In addition, a user can subscribe for an instrument to receive the latest reference data and calculation results on a daily basis.

The price for the service is a combination of a basic fee and, depending on needs, a reference data package with or without key figures:

  • One-off fee of CHF 2,500 for the technical set-up
  • CHF 3 per ISIN, per calendar year for the reference data package or
    CHF 8 per ISIN, per calendar year for the reference data package incl. key figures
  • Minimum usage fee of CHF 2,000 per calendar year

This offering benefits all our customers but especially those with individual requests for better management of their structured products. This service is offered by CONNEXOR through the interface of our cooperation partner Avaloq.

The one-time registration is quick and easy via an online contract, and the data can be obtained immediately after a brief contract review. Click to navigate to the CONNEXOR API interface.

Resources and Support


    CONNEXOR allows for fully automated, cost-efficient management of reference data throughout a financial instrument's entire life cycle.

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  • connexor-numbering-factsheet.pdf

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  • CONNEXOR Events

    CONNEXOR Events is a service that allows issuers to automate their reporting processes for structured products, thereby making it easier to submit product event information electronically.

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