The Home of Swiss Liquidity

The Home of Swiss Liquidity

The Swiss Stock Exchange: Your Reference Market for Swiss Securities

Where Quality Comes as Standard

The Swiss Stock Exchange is the leading trading venue in the world for Swiss securities. Thanks to our ongoing commitment to innovate and invest with a view to increase the quality of our order books, you need look no further for best execution.

We offer you the highest liquidity, the best prices and the narrowest spreads. Buy and sell orders are executed here more rapidly than anywhere else, so you can rest assured that you can implement your investment decisions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

For the 20 most liquid Swiss large caps, the Swiss Stock Exchange offers you not just the best prices for over 90% of the trading day, but also the largest volume at over 80% of the time. Because what good would be the best price, if there’s no liquidity in the book? We offer you both – and that’s what makes the quality of our order books really stand out. 

Your Benefits on the Swiss Stock Exchange

No Better Place for Best Execution

When it comes to trading, for us the customer is king. The recently revamped Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) brings this principle into even sharper focus.

Aside from very specific instructions from a customer, financial institutions must now not only take ‘all reasonable steps’ but ‘all sufficient steps’ to get the best possible result for you as a customer when executing an order.

To this end, MiFID II specifies a number of criteria that must be observed when executing client orders. The introduction of the Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA) has further increased the importance of these criteria in the Swiss marketplace.

For our part, to make sure that you as participants and investors are well-positioned to adapt to this new regulation, we provide building blocks that you can use to construct your own tailored best execution policies.

Our order book quality and new functionalities led to noticeable price improvements in trading with Swiss equities.

Christian Reuss Head Sales in the Securities & Exchanges business unit.