Behavioral Finance, Factor Investing & Smart Beta

Behavioral Finance, Factor Investing & Smart Beta

Emotional Factors Influence Our Investment Behaviour
- Benefit from Behavioural Psychology without Getting Caught in Its

Investors tend to make systematic misjudgments and information is delayed or misinterpreted by the market.

The first part of this course is devoted entirely to behavioral economics. The study of human behavior in economic situations. In this section, behavioral psychology phenomena are explained to you, sharpening your awareness to recognize predispositions, pitfalls, and patterns.

In the second part, you will examine how investor behavior affects market prices. You also describe the return drivers that become established in the market as a consequence of psychological and structural behavior patterns, and show how systematic "quantitative" investment strategies benefit from them.

Behavioral Finance, Factor Investing & Smart Beta
Target Audience Client Advisor, product specialists, asset managers, institutional investors, pension funds
Duration 1 Day
Timetable 08:30 - 17:30

CHF 900

Location Zurich at SIX's premises


Certification  SAQ re-certification,  Qualified independent wealth manager VSV
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