Alpha, Beta and the CAPM

Alpha, Beta and the CAPM

The Foundation of Long-Term Expected Investment Return

The Capital Asset Pricing Model provides the theoretical basis for estimating expected long-term investment returns. It also introduces the two siblings alpha and beta. Alpha and beta are key indicators in assessing investment performance. Beta measures an investment's sensitivity to market fluctuations. It tells us how much market risk is 'embedded' in an investment. Alpha measures how much more return an investment generates than would be expected based on its market exposure. It is therefore an indicator of a portfolio manager's ability to generate excess returns.

Alpha, Beta and the CAPM 
Target Audience Participants who want to build a comprehensive and solid foundation in Portfolio Mangement. Client Advisors, Product Specialists, Asset Managers, Institutional Investors, Pension Funds and Private Investors
Duration You can complete the blended learning program (approx. 4 hours) at your own pace.
For this you will have access to the program material for 4 months.

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