Fixed Income Market and Products

Fixed Income Market and Products

Refresh and Deepen the Knowledge of Fixed Income and Its Products.

Fixed Income essentially revolves around three questions:
To whom do I lend my money, for how long and in what currency?

This sounds simple, but in practice the fixed income market, with its many correlated products, can be difficult to navigate. We examine the inner mechanics of the fixed income market, classify its products and the price drivers behind them.

The course will help with fixed income decisions, answer client questions with more confidence, and enable more qualified discussions with fixed income experts.

Fixed Income Market and Products
Target Audience Client Advisors, product specialists, asset managers, institutional investors, pension funds
Duration 1 Day
Timetable 08:30 - 17:30

CHF 900

Location Zurich at SIX's premises


Certification  SAQ re-certification
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