The Investor Relations & Sustainability Handbook of SIX Swiss Exchange

The Investor Relations & Sustainability Handbook of SIX Swiss Exchange

The Sustainability Handbook of SIX Swiss Exchange

A new standalone guide from SIX Swiss Exchange will help companies with their sustainability requirements.

Sustainability is a megatrend, and one that issuers cannot afford to ignore, especially as legislators, regulators and investors are becoming increasingly proactive in this area.

In the case of regulation, new reporting requirements demand that companies disclose their sustainability activities and figures. However, not all of these regulatory guidelines are standardised, and this lack of harmonisation is creating challenges for issuers and investors.

Better standardisation around sustainability reporting is something which SIX Swiss Exchange has been actively pursuing.

Our Sustainability Handbook contains a selection of specialist articles and guidance that are relevant to you as a listed company. These have been written by several sustainability experts. The thematic focus of the articles was chosen to answer questions that have emerged from numerous conversations with company representatives.

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

We want to support our listed companies with their sustainability reporting activities. In addition to fulfilling regulatory requirements, companies which embed sustainability into their operating models are more likely to thrive versus those that don’t. Our Sustainability Guide will be a vital resource for companies looking for a navigator through the sustainability ecosystem.

Christian Reuss

This Is Your Updated Guide to Everything You Need to Know as an Issuer on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

During the ups and downs of the stock markets, the importance of the relations between companies and investors, what we call Investor Relations (IR), has grown significantly over the past two decades. The increased need for information, stricter regulations, and greater transparency demand specific specialist knowledge in how to communicate with the financial market. The quality of a company’s IR exerts a direct influence on investment behavior and the share price.

This practical handbook shows how IR officers can deal with these challenges and what instruments Investor Relations provides for this. This 6th edition of the handy companion describes the current status of specialist knowledge and offers an insight into professional IR as a part of corporate strategy.

Laurent Lefèvre, Head Delivery Capabilities, SIX

How companies can do the right thing on the stock market and, moreover, know why - that should be made a little easier for you by reading this guide.

Vera Sokulskyj, Head Issuer Relations, Primary Markets, SIX Swiss Exchange

Why Is the Investor Relations Handbook Important for You?

Strategic Corporate Communication

Investor Relations is a field of action in strategic corporate communication. It describes the management by a stock corporation of its relations with investors.


The primary goal of Investor Relations is to optimize the company’s market valuation or its equity financing.

Managing Relations

Maintaining close relations with institutional investors also helps.


A good Investor Relations and communication program starts with a good analysis. What strengths and weaknesses does the company have from an investor’s perspective?

Strategic Relevance

Investor Relations gains strategic relevance in exceptional situations, such as transactions (M&A), the emergence of shareholder activists, and in crises.

Definition and Targets

The actual and target status of the Investor Relations objectives is identified and the target groups, perception, instruments and communication principles are defined in the Investor Relations strategy.