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Leading global financial center and rich in capital

The Swiss financial center is extremely attractive for domestic and foreign companies seeking capital because of its manageable size, tightly woven networks and international orientation.

Your advantages at a glance
  • World-leading financial center
  • Capital-rich, international investor base
  • Banks with high placement power
  • Exchange with strong international focus
  • Efficient capital-raising thanks to excellent networking and personal support

As a financial center, Switzerland manages assets totalling around CHF 6'200 billion, with roughly 60% of this invested in equities and funds. About half of these assets are owned by foreign investors.

Switzerland is the world leader in cross-border private banking with a market share of 24%. Added to this is a large and international base with approximately 2'000 institutional investors. Foreign institutional investors currently hold around CHF 1'350 billion in Swiss equities.

There are around 470 banks and insurance companies and around 1'700 pension schemes operating in Switzerland. The strong position of Switzerland's banks and insurers in the financial market makes it easy for companies on the Swiss exchange to engage in dialogue and networking with the investor community both nationally and internationally. The many advantages of doing business in Switzerland make the banks very powerful when it comes to financing and the placement of shares.

We give you access to the international capital market

It is hardly surprising, then, that the Swiss financial center boasts an extraordinarily high concentration of global corporations, financial services firms and potent investors. This naturally gives SIX Swiss Exchange a competitive edge as it can provide you as a listed company with access to experienced, highly capitalized Swiss and international investors and high liquidity. Moreover, investors in Switzerland have years of experience in handling cross-border, sector-specific investment strategies.