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Monetary Market

Investing and raising money or capital, so-called "financing operations", take places in the monetary market. This includes buying financial products such as shares, bonds and funds, for example, or taking out a mortgage, depositing money in a savings account or buying foreign currency. This is where different groups of providers and buyers with different investment and credit needs meet.

The national monetary market is divided into the following sub-markets:

Market Description
Money market The money market includes trading in central-bank money and short-term money-market instruments, especially among banks.
Capital market The capital market is the market for medium- to long-term transactions between banks and the public.
Bank deposit market The bank deposit market denotesthe commercial banks' customer-money business. It is mainly comprised of the money deposits of households and institutional investors in the form of savings and other deposits and medium-term notes.
Bank credit market The bank credit market corresponds to the credit business of commercial banks and comprises operating and investment loans to companies, private households and public institutions.
Market for non-bank financial intermediaries The market for non-bank financial intermediaries (other deposits) is the market for insurance companies, pension funds, investment funds and financial companies to raise and invest money.