Wealth Planning Switzerland

Wealth Planning Switzerland

This One-Day Course Highlights the Central Topics of Retirement and Estate Planning and Links Them to Holistic and Life-Phase-Oriented Wealth Planning

Needs and goals are individual and change according to life phase and situation. Life events also influence our financial decisions - financial and personal priorities shift. Career changes, changes in lifestyle play just as much a role here as legal aspects.

What retirement benefits can I expect from state and occupational pension plans? What replacement income will my family receive in the event of disability or death? What applies to cohabiting partners? What is the composition of my estate and what options do I have to settle it? What are the inheritance quotas and compulsory portions? How can I make my spouse a beneficiary?

You will be able to answer these and even more questions at the end of the day.

Wealth Planning Switzerland
Target Audience Client Advisors, product specialists, asset managers, institutional investors, pension funds
Duration 1 Day
Timetable 08:30 - 17:30

CHF 900

Location Zurich at SIX's premises


Certification  SAQ re-certification,  Qualified independent wealth manager VSV
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