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Price Step Group Change for Bonds

Owing to their residual life, the following bonds' price step did change from 0.05 to 0.01. No orders will be deleted from the order books as a result.

Security Description ISINSymbolMaturityPrice Step Date of change
Code previous
Code new
2.25 FR KB 11-21CH0130104125FRK11114.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
2.375 GR DI 11-21CH0122488411DIX1110.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
3.375 HOLCIM 11-21CH0128250583HOF1110.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
2.25 SWED 11-21CH0131220631SWM11321.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
2.25 Danske Bk 11-21CH0131374016DDB11329.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
3.125 ABN 11-21CH0131220730ABR11428.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
2.625 SG KB 11-21CH0130720516SGK1130.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
0.875 COOP 14-21CH0244653520COB1416.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
0.625 EUF 14-21CH0245536799EUF1430.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
5.50 AFRIC 16-21CH0310140584ABL16305.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
2.50 AEVISVICT 16-21CH0325429162AEV1607.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
1.875 SCCISS 18-21CH0417086110SCC18215.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
0.875 SCCISS 18-21CH0417086102SCC18115.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020
0.10 SCCISS 18-21CH0417086094SCC1815.06.2021BO0.05CH0.0103.01.2020