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Investment funds: key components in asset management

Investment funds and other collective investment schemes are efficient asset management instruments, with something to offer all sections of the population.

Investment funds are professionally managed investment instruments. They are designed for medium to long-term asset growth and investment. Investment funds are segregated pools of assets, i.e. the fund's assets are legally segregated in favor of the investors. Investment funds are not, as a rule, subject to the so-called issuer or counterparty risk.

As collective investment schemes, investment funds are much more than a loose collection of individual securities and a form of packaging investments together. One thing all funds have in common is the principle of ongoing management by a fund manager. Under Quotes you can find a list of all investment funds listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.


Competence center for fund data

In order to increase market transparency, our subsidiary Swiss Fund Data provides reliable, neutral information on the investment funds authorized for sale in Switzerland.