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Every financial instrument listed for trading on SIX Swiss Exchange needs amongst other identifiers such as an ISIN or a valor number also a so called valor symbol (an unique value). This is an alphanumeric code consisting of maximally 6 characters.

ETF Symbol requirements

ETF symbols are to consist of 4 to 5 characters. This applies to newly listed ETFs and allows a simple, clearly visible distinction of ETFs from other asset classes.

On request, ETF symbols with 6 characters are accepted, as long as they fulfill the following requirements:

  • chosen symbol does not end on the specific (combination of) letter(s) dedicated to the Structured Products issuers (see dedicated symbol pools)
  • chosen symbol is still free and not yet used by a different tradable instrument
  • chosen symbol does not end on "X" (reserved for XBTR securities)
  • chosen symbol does not start with "OX" (reserved for SLS Liquidnet securities)

Symbol allocation process

Symbols for ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange are proposed by the ETF issuer via the following steps:

  • Send an email containing the product name as well as ISIN and trading currency plus the favored symbol to requesting a new symbol. There is no predefined format of this email.
  • Once the request is received, SIX verifies the availability of the new symbol and accordingly confirms or rejects the request to the issuer.