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RSS Newsfeeds

The latest news on companies and investment products direct to your screen - a continuous feed in a convenient, concise format. With RSS news feeds, you'll never miss important information again. It's easy to use, and subscription is free.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it is a very popular news format that is often used on the internet. The latest events are sent to your screen like a news ticker, with a link to the complete report.

You can subscribe to the following RSS news feeds:

Official Notices: company news, changes in capital, dividends, interest rates
Equity issuer newsfeed
Media Releases
SIX Swiss Exchange Messages
Index-relevant SIX Swiss Exchange Messages
Management Transactions
Disclosure of shareholdings
Newsboard: SIX Swiss Exchange



Product News

Shares - Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Bonds listed today


Equity Market
Bond Market
ETF and Investment Fund Market
ETP Market

How to subscribe to RSS news feeds:

  • RSS news readers
    RSS news feeds are read using the RSS news reader, which you can download from the internet. You then have to enter the link to the RSS news feed in the news reader. more
  • Browsers
    The latest browsers already have an integrated RSS news reader. RSS news feeds can be added as a bookmark (favourite).
  • e-mail programmes
    Some e-mail programmes have an integrated RSS news reader. more