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For the use of the SWXess trading platform, various fees are charged to trading participants and reporting members.

For details on SIX fees, please refer to the following Lists of Charges:

SIX charges annual participation fees. For a direct access to the Exchange system, an additional access fee is charged.

SIX also charges a fee for all on-Exchange transactions and a reporting fee for the reception and processing of Trade Reports. The amount of the trading fee is calculated per transaction and participant and depends on the given participant's total trading turnover (money involved; ad valorem fee) and number of transactions.

For certain product segments, SIX makes available special trading capacity in the form of quotes per second (QPS), FIX transactions per second (FTPS) or OUCH transactions per second (OTPS). In return for payment of a monthly capacity fee, SIX can allocate additional trading capacity (QPS, FTPS or OTPS) for use by the participant.

Under certain circumstances, extraordinary fees, such as supervision and investigation fees, are payable.