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Reporting participation allows securities dealers to efficiently fulfil their legal reporting obligations for transactions and transmissions of orders. To this end, SIX Swiss Exchange provides the corresponding web tools on its website. To use the reporting tool, you must register.
SIX Exchange Regulation Ltd as SIX Swiss Exchange reporting office receives reports and processes them according to Art. 5 Para. 4 FMIO-FINMA.
Relevant Information
FINMA Circular 2018/2[pdf]
The circular defines which securities and derivatives are subject to the obligation to report and which business transactions are subject to the obligation to report.

Reporting Office Rules[pdf]
The reporting regulations define how trades in securities and derivatives must be reported.

Reporting Guide[pdf]
This guide describes the basic trades and transactions that are to be reported to SIX Swiss Exchange Reporting Office.

Best Practice Guide Transaction Reporting
To open this link, please log in to the member section first.

Technical Specifications
To open this link, please log in to the member section first.