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ETFs, Investment and Sponsored Fund Market

Attractive market for investors

Participants on SIX Swiss Exchange trade in ETFs, Investment and Sponsored Funds. World-leading issuers enhance this market with new, attractive products based on a wide range of underlying instruments. Market making for ETFs as well as ETSFs and Sponsored Funds is subject to stringent requirements, and this is what makes the market so appealing to investors.

With X-stream INET, SIX Swiss Exchange provides the world's most advanced trading technology, using direct low-latency industry standard interfaces for trading, quoting and market data. With a co-location access, participants can fully enjoy the outstanding performance of our trading platform. more

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) do not have a defined maturity and are traded on a continual basis. They are a flexible and liquid investment vehicle, combining the following advantages of traditional equities and investment funds:

  • Risk diversification
  • Optimum tradability

An ETF usually tracks the performance of a specific index, thereby offering investors the same risk/return profile as the underlying instrument. ETFs are passive capital investments offered for a minimal management fee, and are not subject to issuing or redemption commission. In Switzerland, ETFs are bound by the Swiss federal law on collective capital investments.

ETFs on SIX Swiss Exchange

SIX Swiss Exchange offers ETFs in asset classes such as equities, commodities, fixed income and the money market. ETFs track specific themes, industries, sectors and strategies. Short ETFs may also be traded on SIX Swiss Exchange, enabling investors to generate returns in bear markets without having to short sell.

As one of the first ever European stock markets to list ETFs, SIX Swiss Exchange has helped blaze a successful trail for ETFs throughout Europe. Its dedicated ETF segment has been running since September 2000. In 2011, the growth of ETFs on the Swiss Exchange culminated in record sales of CHF 101 bn.

Investment Funds

The Investment Funds listed on SIX Swiss Exchange are mainly on real estate.

Investment Funds on SIX Swiss Exchange

In respect to Investment Funds there apply no market making requirements. In order to guarantee liquidity SIX Swiss Exchange dictates a minimum capitalisation of issue of CHF 100 mio. and a minimal availability to the market of 25%.

Sponsored Funds

In March 2013 SIX Swiss Exchange launched the Sponsored Funds segment, in which funds can be traded like shares. Orders are executed instantaneously and processed automatically.

Sponsored Funds on SIX Swiss Exchange

Funds are traded like ETFs or Structured Products in a market making segment. For every fund, a market maker provides binding buy and sell prices continuously during trading hours. Liquidity is guaranteed and orders are executed at known prices.

Fee provisions

Guideline: List of Trading Charges stipulates all fees which apply to on-exchange trading on SIX Swiss Exchange. The other directives contain further specific provisions.

Information about the individual trading segments

The Trading Guides provide traders and participants with information on the applicable rules governing trading. "Trading Guide" is the collective term for product guides and other types of information.

Product Guide - Fund Market contains the full range of trading provisions governing trading times, tick size, trading interruptions, reporting, etc.

For information on admission and listing, please refer to the SIX Exchange Regulation website. This website also contains details of other securities exchange legislation.