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Trading Guides

The trading guides provide participants with information on the rules in force governing trading.

Description valid as of Download
Trading Guide SIX Swiss Exchange (Full version) 23.11.2018
Business Day Overview15.10.2018
Trading Period Overview07.04.2014
Market Model and Order Validity Overview15.10.2018
Product Guide - Equity Market23.11.2018
Product Guide - Bond Market23.11.2018
Product Guide - Fund Market and Other Financial Products23.11.2018
Product Guide - Structured Products Market23.11.2018
Product Guide - Trading without pre-trade transparency23.11.2018
Price Step Overview (Tick Sizes)15.10.2018
Trade Types & Flags15.10.2018
Deferred Publication Thresholds and Delays01.01.2018
SWXess - On Order Book Functionality15.10.2018
SWXess - Off Order Book Functionality15.10.2018
Emergency Deletions15.10.2018
Trading Calendar 201801.01.2018
Trading Calendar 201901.01.2019
Reporting Guide03.12.2018