ETF QOD Europe

ETF QOD Europe

Pan-European On-Exchange RFQ ETF Trading

ETF Quote on Demand (QOD) Europe, a novel service from SIX Swiss Exchange, offers trading participants on-exchange RFQ trading for ETFs across Europe. They access 1,700 listed ETFs and gain exposure to a wide range of products listed on other primary market venues throughout Europe: over 6,000 ETFs and ETPs are now available on SIX Swiss Exchange through a single interface.

The launch of ETF QOD Europe underscores SIX Swiss Exchange's dedication to offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience. This innovative service allows users to trade instruments across major European markets, including the London Stock Exchange, Euronext, Deutsche Börse XETRA, Borsa Italiana, Wiener Börse, and Nasdaq Stockholm. As a result, SIX Swiss Exchange solidifies its position as a leading primary regulated exchange operator, with approximately 6,000 ETFs and ETPs available for trading on its novel RFQ platform, QOD

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How it works

The interaction between the QDM order book with pre-trade transparency and the QOD without pre-trade transparency can result in improved executions. Following graph explains the how trading participants can interact with ETF QOD Europe in four simple steps:

  1. Place a Quote Request into QOD – that will start the “call period”;
  2. Make the liquidity providers receive a Quote Request and are prompted to submit ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ quotes;
  3. Submit “buy” or “sell” quote with the quantity defined by the participant in the Quote Request.
  4. Thanks to the interoberable CCP model by SIX, Clearing and Settlement occurs automatically into local CSDs.

Big Numbers

6000+ 6000+
Tradable ETFs
(Q1 2024)
15.83 bn 15.83 bn
Swiss Franc trading turnover in ETFs
(Q1 2024)
519,707 519,707
ETF trading transactions
(Q1 2024)
24 24
Years of pioneering experience and dedication

Full Spectrum ETFs

  • The 3rd largest trading venue in Europe, offering listing services to 27 issuers.
  • A leading request for quote (RFQ) platform, delivering an average price improvement of 5.5 bps on exchange RFQs.
  • A creation and redemption platform, linking primary market participants and asset managers with impeccable connectivity.
  • Unrivalled data aggregation and real-time pricing.
  • 3 million indices administered by ULTUMUS.
  • Daily trading turnover of over CHF 30 million.
  • A major European CCP for ETF clearing.
  • Settlement and custody capabilities.

Discover more about the Full Spectrum of ETFs by SIX here.


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