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Bond listing process – swift and uncomplicated

SIX Swiss Exchange differentiates between "listing" and "admission to trading" for bonds.

Your bond can either be "listed" or "admitted to trading" on SIX Swiss Exchange. A listing always takes place at the request of the issuer (respectively its recognized representative) and involves certain obligations on the issuer at the time of initial listing and in maintaining the listing. Admission to trading is generally instigated by a participant. The consent of the issuer is not required, and there are no obligations on the issuer.

Bond listing

Your bond is listed by using the web-based CONNEXOR Listing application. The advantage of this form of authorization is that your bonds enter into trading quickly and efficiently. Provisional admission to trading can begin just three trading days from receipt of the electronic application. Following provisional admission to trading, you have two months to lodge your formal listing application, along with the required declarations and listing prospectus, with your recognized representative.

Benefit from an uncomplicated approval process:

Admission to trading

For international (bonds issued by issuers domiciled outside Switzerland) or delisted bonds, there is the option (under certain circumstances) of admission to trading without a subsequent listing process taking place.

Provisional admission to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange also takes place using the web-based CONNEXOR Listing application. In this case, your bond will be provisionally admitted to trading within three trading days of the application being submitted.

You can find more about the listing process and requirements in our Bond Listing Guide[pdf].