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Straightforward going public – thanks to one-stop admission service

The going public process at SIX Swiss Exchange features short decision-making pathways, flexibility, reliability and a high level of market and client proximity. Expert contact partners support you throughout the entire process.

The listing process at SIX Swiss Exchange is very efficient thanks to the stock exchange's self-regulatory competencies. You benefit from a "one-stop admission process", as all decisions are taken in the responsible units at SIX Swiss Exchange. This eliminates the time-consuming need to manage a variety of interfaces and guarantees a fast, straightforward process that lasts no longer than four weeks.

A "recognized representative" from SIX Swiss Exchange provides expert support throughout all phases of the going public process. If required, we can also provide personal assistance during your going public and can support you with all issues relating to your listing.

The chart shows the most important phases of the going public process to help you navigate these as efficiently as possible.

To ensure you always have an overview of the situation, we provide you with structured guidance on which activities you must complete and which documents you must provide. With our fact sheet on the going public process[pdf], you are ideally positioned to plan and efficiently navigate the path to the first trading day.