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Switzerland – strong allure as a business hub thanks to innovative power and competitiveness

Switzerland is indeed an attractive business location. Apart from the high standard of living, other convincing factors are the country's tremendous innovative power and competitiveness, the ease with which public authorities can be accessed, a wealth of internationally experienced and highly qualified workers, and the country's situation in the geographical heart of Europe.

Leading the way in competitiveness

One of the reasons for Switzerland's outstanding competitiveness is the innovative strength of the domestic and foreign companies domiciled here, which invest heavily in Research & Development to supply leading-edge technology for world markets. This success also stems from a series of economically beneficial factors and attractive operating conditions that help to persuade a large number of international firms to relocate to Switzerland.

Switzerland's competitiveness

Source: WEF, The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

A closely integrated economy and a highly qualified workforce

The Swiss economy has traditionally maintained strong links to global markets. Hardly any country has a comparable concentration of internationally experienced managers. Switzerland's lead in innovation can also be attributed to its highly qualified and multilingual workforce. Liberal employment laws give companies a great deal of freedom of action. Added to quality of life, political stability and high levels of legal and social security are favorable tax conditions for companies and individuals alike. Switzerland also leads the world in terms of its infrastructure.